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Software library  

Before you proceed   
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   How to install   

Available downloads   
   Simple starter package   
   Individual update files   
   Talking questionnaire   
   xDT and SQL interfaces   
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Software download library

Here you can download the Quality-of-Life-recorder software.

Before you may use certain quality of life questionniares, you are obliged to contact their respective copyright owners to find out about their policies. Please review the respective notes from my questionnaire library at this site and also the history and copyright information supplied inside each questionnaire definition file.


Overview of available files

  • anypak.exe - The simple example package
    This is all you need to download and install if you want to try out AnyQuest for Windows for the first time. Installation instructions are available further above!
    Please note: On MS Windows 64-Bit Systems, the 16-Bit program files contained herein must be replaced by 32-Bit versions from the package below.

AnyQuest Server

is not available for download yet. However, I may already provide e.g. an on-line demonstration upon individual request.

Software providing a direct interface between smart card readers, e.g. for the German health insurance card, and the QL-Recorder, and a demostration version including a self-installing configuration of the QL-Recorder that supports the collection of a base documentation for the RSAV-DMP-Diabetes mellitus according to the "Anlage 2a zu §§28b bis 28g, 4. Verordnung zur Änderung der Risikostrukturausgleichsverordnung vom 27.06.2002" is currently not available on the WWW site or the information CD, but can be provided upon request.

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